Hydrogen Peroxide Spray 100 ml

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Στην τιμή συμπεριλαμβάνεται ΦΠΑ 6%

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Hydrogen Peroxide Spray 100 ml


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Qualitative and Quantitative Composition: Aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide 3% w / w, Benzoic Acid
Therapeutic Indications: Antiseptic for disinfection and external cleansing of skin and mucous membranes wounds. With antibacterial and mild hemostatic effect.
Contraindications - Special Precautions: None known.

Granted without prescription

Greek NHO registration nr: 87777 / 05.12.2013

With practical spray pump for easy application directly on the wound, without requiring the use of cotton
Without parabens, in contrast to other non-pharmaceutical peroxides

100 ml

Producer & Distributor: Pharmaceutical Laboratories E.I. ZARBIS & Co

Raw materials and final product are prepared in accordance with the principles of GMP, under Eudralex legislation, Volume 4 25-11-05


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